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ZBM News - January 6, 2023

Dr. Fountain was interviewed by ZBM News about a link that has been identified between new cases of (mostly Type 2) diabetes and Covid 19.

A study in The Lancet found that people who had Covid 19 were around 40% more likely to develop diabetes. Dr. Fountain explained a few reasons why there appears to be a correlation.

Royal Gazette - November 30, 2022

It has been said that Bermuda’s health problems are entirely due to Bermudians’ personal lifestyle choices when it comes to factors such as diet and activity. Specifically, overweight people not controlling what they eat and doing too little exercise are blamed for Bermuda’s health outcomes failing to match its high expenditure on medical care.

RG_Nov 16, 2022.jpg
Royal Gazette - November 16, 2022

Endocrine disrupting chemicals, also known as hormonally active agents, are chemicals found in our environment that can interfere with the normal function of our body’s endocrine system. These chemicals can be found in almost every type of product we buy...

Bernews - October 7, 2021

Bermuda Diabetic Association

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