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This 16-in-1 herbal formula includes Fadogia Agrestis extract, Tongkat Ali extract, plus Ajuga Turkestanica (Turkesterone extract), and comes packed with all of the ingredients you need to not only improve your focus and hormonal health but to also aid in cardiovascular and respiratory health. 


Fadogia Agrestis Extract

Fadogia agrestis extract is known to support male reproductive health, thereby contributing to vitality and well-being.


Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali extract, also known as Longjack, supports hormonal balance.


Ajuga Turkestanica (Turkesterone Extract)

Ajuga turkestanica extract contains Turkesterone, a plant compound known to support muscle growth and recovery by enhancing protein synthesis and reducing muscle damage, thereby promoting physical performance and endurance.


*These statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Clean Nutra MegaMale™

  • Don't settle for plain old capsules, powders, tablets, or gummies that just have one ingredient. With Clean Nutra, you get 3 full-dose products in one. Our product contains a full tongkat ali supplement, fadogia agrestis supplement, and turkesterone supplement in a convenient 2-Capsule dosage! Don't settle for less, your dollar goes further when you choose Clean Nutraceuticals.

    Introducing the 360 Blend - In addition to the 3 full supplements included above, our signature blend contains these essential ingredients plus tribulus, ashwagandha root, saw palmetto, fenugreek seeds, wild yam root, sarsaparilla root, nettle root, siberian ginseng, MACA, horny goat weed, and shilajit powder! Our powerful formula offers 16 hand-selected ingredients that have been shown to improve your overall health in every way.

    A Powerful Formula With All The Essentials - It’s no secret that our 16in1 herbal complex is the ultimate way to support your overall wellness, one serving at a time. Clear out those countless supplements in your cabinet, and replace it with just one, 16-in-1 male wellness support supplement. Getting healthy doesn't have to be complicated! Opt for an easy, once a day serving packed with powerful ingredients that you can take anywhere.

    Vetted and Trusted Ingredients - We pride ourselves in offering quality health supplements for our customers. Our formulas are proudly made in a registered and certified facility. Clean Nutra only contains transparent ingredients and does not contain unneeded preservatives or fillers.

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