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Clean Nutraceuticals DHEA Defend contains double the standard DHEA 100mg dose. This max dose is great for both women and men who want to maintain healthy hormone levels and is best for people who need hormone balance support, are seeking muscle growth, women trying for pregnancy, recently stopped taking birth control, or are in menopause. 


Who Should Take DHEA Defend


DHEA for Men: DHEA supports hormone balance, enhances muscle strength, and increases energy, promoting cognitive function, making it an ideal choice for men seeking improved vitality.


DHEA for Women: Supports hormone balance, potentially easing menopausal symptoms, boosting energy, and supporting bone density. Its antioxidant properties help maintain skin health, while supporting cognitive function and wellness.


The Role of DIM + Boron Complex: DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a natural compound that supports healthy estrogen levels and Boron supports Vitamin D retention for optimal hormonal balance.

Clean Nutra Dhea Defend™

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