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Carb & Calorie Counter is the simplest way to understand food choices and portion sizes. With this multi-award-winning book in your kitchen, a single flick of the page is all you need to plan nutritious meals and reach your health goals.

Carb & Calorie Counter

  • Understanding how to eat a healthy balanced diet can feel hard.

    If you’re overwhelmed by planning meals and undestanding portions, Carb & Calorie Counter is here to help!

    This expert-approved visual guide shows you at-a-glance calorie and nutrient content for all your favourite foods. No stressing or guessing – simply turn the page, check, compare, count and enjoy!

    Counting calories is just one part of a healthy, balanced diet. Carb & Calorie Counter gives you the full nutritional picture, empowering you to make informed choices.

    • Calorie and carb counts.
    • Protein, fat and saturated fat.
    • Fibre and 5-a-day fruit & veg.
    • Colour-coded for easy reference.
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